Dear Haim,

This is what you are doing to us right now.

Make it stop please.



Got to hang out with @haimtheband all day as well as do the Josh Face. By far one of the dopest days of my life.
#vsco #vscocam #summer #HAIM (at Los Angeles, California)


“I grew up looking after my sisters. I always felt like the Mama Bear around them and their friends; It’s kind of how I’m built. I think our roles haven’t really changed. I’m still as maternal as ever, I’m still really protective, but it’s been amazing. I have two build-in best friends. We feel like explorers — like gypsies. We’re really taking advantage of the fact that we get to travel the world together.” - Este Haim

Photo by Michael Ray

Danielle and Alana play ‘Famous Families’ [x]


I screen shot this from a video i took of them this morning. They’re total babes 😍